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John Witvliet
"Russell Yee’s vision is for something deeper than communal learning, as valuable as that is. The vision is not merely that we would study, talk, and learn together. It is that we would worship more deeply, more truly, more redemptively. Yee challenges us to rise up as adopted brothers and sisters in God’s growing family, expressing our identity in and through acts of common worship. Ultimately, Worship on the Wayleads us not merely to conversation, but to prayer, to proclamation of God’s Word, and to feasting together around the Lord’s Table." —John D. Witvliet,Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, Grand Rapids, Michigan

C. Michael Hawn
"Following in the tradition of David Ng and Eric Law, Russell Yee takes the discussion of Asian North American worship to the next stage. Yee neither avoids the difficult issues nor offers simplistic stereotypes of Asian peoples. Through the complex lens of worship, he adds texture and depth to our understanding of Asian cultures that grace North America and suggests ways for the majority culture to engage their Asian neighbors in the faith, adding clarity to how Asian perspectives on Christianity can enrich worship for all. The author's experience as a pastor and professor and the book's organization and clear writing style make this volume equally accessible for seminarians and congregations who want to understand what it means to worship more fully in the twenty-first century. Thank you, Russell, for expanding our understanding of who we are as Christians in North America." —C. Michael Hawn, DMA, University Distinguished Professor of Church Music Director Sacred Music Program, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University Dallas, TX

Eric H. F. Law
"With honesty and graciousness, Russell Yee invites readers on a journey to explore the challenges and gifts in creating meaningful and contextually relevant worship experiences for Asian North Americans. We are also drawn into an inward journey to explore how our own cultural values and patterns interact with the gospel of Jesus Christ as unique experiences different from others, moving toward greater appreciation of the different cultural expressions of self-offering and self-sacrifice in worship." —Eric H. F. Law, Founder and Executive Director, Kaleidoscope Institute

Swee Hong Lim
"Presently the emerging Asian American Christian identity is still rather enigmatic. In this book, well-known Asian American pastor and worship scholar Russell Yee has provided the community of Asian North American believers with a remarkable pathway to worship God via their cultural heritage that may have been previously viewed as unacceptable. By drawing on the teachings of the early church and on his own pastoral experiences, Yee offers a meaningful construct of culturally sensitive worship events that can enable Asian North American Christians to participate holistically in worship that draws on their cultural identities. This book is highly relevant for those who seek to understand the mindset of Asian North American Christians and who desire to create heartfelt worship experiences for their communities." —Swee Hong Lim, Assistant Professor of Church Music, Baylor University, Waco, Texas

Amos Yong
Worship on the Way presents the way of worship that is scripturally sound and that anticipates the coming reign of God with its many nation, tribes, peoples, and languages. Christians across the Asian American spectrum will be inspired to be more intentional about asking what it means to be authentically Asian in their service of God. Russell Yee is to be thanked for these eminently challenging but no less encouraging and edifying words that portray possibilities for Asian American Christianity which few eyes have seen or ears have heard, but which God has prepared for those who love the Lord.” —Amos Yong, J. Rodman Williams Professor of Theology, Regent University School of Divinity, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Brad Berglund
"Russell Yee has identified a need for a uniquely Asian North American worship tradition that fully expresses ANA ethnicity and identity.Worship on the Way lays a strong foundation for the development of such a tradition. Yee's contribution is clearly thought out, theologically engaging, and scripturally centered. The worship resources in Part Two of the book will provide a valuable resource for ANA church musicians, pastors, and theologians. This book should be read by anyone seeking to create a theological foundation for culturally contextualized worship."—Brad Berglund, author of Reinventing Sunday andReinventing Worship

J. Paul Rajashekar
"A unique, refreshing and thought provoking contribution to the subject of worship in relation to the identity and culture of Asian North American communities. Though written from an Evangelical perspective, the book draws on the historical traditions of the church and insights from the contemporary Liturgical Renewal Movement in its exploration of some of the challenging issues of freedom in worship, form and structure, culture and ritual practices, music and inter-generational ministry. It’s a ground breaking contribution!" —Dr. J. Paul Rajashekar, Dean of the Seminary and Luther D. Reed Professor of Systematic Theology, The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia

Edward Yang
"If we accept Russell Yee’s apropos comparison of Asian North American Christian worship to a teenager, then Russell would be the caring relative who goes out of his way to share words of wisdom. Worship on the Way is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to connect one’s God-given identity with worship to the One 'from whom all blessings flow.'" —S. Edward Yang, Associate Director, ISAAC (Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity), PhD Candidate, Fuller Theological Seminary

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