Sunday, May 6, 2012

Waterwind Papercuts

Waterwind Conference, March 22, 2003, American Baptist Seminary of the West, Berkeley, California

Papercutting works and workshop by the superbly gifted Alice Helen Masek. She approaches papercutting as both a liturgical art and a spiritual practice.

The "Water of Life" tryptich was a fully stunning backdrop in the chapel, which was our main gathering space.
The materials are simple: backdrop paper, X-Acto knives, some colored cellophane, tape, and fishing line. The biggest challenge seems to be in the design, deciding what is light and what is shadow, what is outline and what is fill.

Alice suggests cutting more than one copy at a time if a piece will be on extended display. It's fairly trivial to cut multiple sheets at the same time, layered on each other.

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